GALILEO MEDICATION is the dedicated module of the GALILEO Enterprise Electronic Medical Record for managing ePrescribing & Medicines Administration (ePMA). It supports prescribers in selecting and prescribing medicines, clinical pharmacists in validating therapies, pharmacy technicians in dispensing and nurses in administering prescribed medicines to patients the whole patient journey from pre-admission medicines history to discharge is supported for inpatients, outpatients and day cases.
GALILEO MEDICATION is able to provide users with aglobal overview of the patient’s treatment as well as improved communication between different professionals aiding a greater continuity of care. The solution is designed to reduce medical errors, in line with NHS requirements for ePrescribing implementation.
Key points

  • Integrated NHS Standard Medicines Catalogue
  • The solution comes with the NHS dm+d catalogue as standard and it supports all methods of prescribing

  • Formulary Management
  • Hospital and ward formularies allow the guidance of prescribers and assist in the control of prescribing

  • Configurability
  • High flexibility in configuring wards and hospital preferences in order to support local needs

  • Ergonomic views
  • Different views to better support users in the ePMA workflow

  • Roles and user rights
  • The application has pre-configured roles for doctors, clinical pharmacists, technicians, nurses and midwifes which can be further adapted for local needs

  • Drug Decision Support System
  • DDS System services can be embedded in GALILEO Medication in order to guide users in decision making, reducing medicine-related risks

  • Fully interoperable
  • The system can be integrated with other departmental systems

GALILEO MEDICATION supports all prescribing phases and enables users to manage medicines history, inpatient & outpatient prescribing and discharge medicines.