Dedalus in the United Kingdom


Founded in 1990 in Florence, Dedalus is the leading provider of healthcare software systems in Italy and is rapidly growing internationally with operations in China, South Africa, Europe, Middle East and Latin America. In 2014 Dedalus generated revenues of €81m and EBITDA of €20m.

The company provides a fully comprehensive range of software products, services and solutions covering both primary and secondary care settings.

This deep and long-term knowledge of the whole healthcare process, allows Dedalus to lead innovative projects in more than 20 countries, helping to shape healthcare of the future.

Dedalus in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom our focus is to support the NHS and Private Healthcare in 3 main areas: Integrated Care, Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (ePMA), and Digital Pathology.

For each focussed area we have a best of breed solution that is internationally industry leading:

  • Our ePMA solution has been designed in the UK with collaboration from NHS Clinicians, Nurses, and Pharmacists, and is in live use in an NHS Trust.
  • Our Integrated Care / Interoperability solution, X-Value, enables customers all over the world to achieve better results, improving clinical outcomes and managing efficiency and costs, through an effective collaboration between all healthcare providers.
  • Our Digital Anatomical Pathology LIS is being used in a private laboratory in London.